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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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welcome to "world news," tonight the south carolina showdown. will it be a game changer? our political team is tracking it. what we're already learning from voters leaving the polls, will their choice start a brand-new race? newt gingrich's comeback or mitt romney sealing the deal. on the move the powerful winter storm barrels out of the midwest and blasts millions in the northeast. and what was this, sand storms burying cars and entire homes. and brave es same. a 9-year-old girl makes a daring move breaking free from her kidnapper. the moment her family learned she's safe. math problem served. the students and controversial math problem about slaves. what happened to the teacher tonight. and the car carrying the
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president about to start a new journey tonight. good evening. it's great to have you with us saturday night. as we come on the air this evening, first window what is most important to the individual years heading to the polls in the crucial state of south carolina, first in the south primary. tonight let's get right to it on the question what matters most on the candidate to this presidential election. most important attribute, voters overwhelming saying the ability to beat president obama in november followed by the right experience and third strong moral character. this was telling as well tonight on the question of which is most important to voters, they said overwhelmingly, economy number one, budget deficit number two. and lastly, when asked about the explosive debates this week, did they make a difference? the majority said those debates were important in making their decision. more than half saying, it weighed in as they head to the
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polls today. diane sawyer crunching numbers as we come on the air this evening, as soon as we have a winner, diane will be at the desk. we'll bring it to you live. stay tuned for that. meantime. candidates criss-crossing the state, sprint to the finish. mitt romney at a diner, moments later newt gingrich at the same diner, back-to-back. they did not cross paths. no fireworks like we saw earlier this week. it's our voice, your vote and jon karl leading us off in gingrich head quarter, good evenin evening. >> reporter: good evening, south carolina was where mitt romney hoped to wrap it up and polls showed him with a double-digit lead but tonight it looks like south carolina might be gingrich territory. >> for a while this morning, tommy's ham house in greenville, south carolina was the center of the political universe. first mitt romney stopped by. >> i'll take back the white
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house. >> reporter: minutes later, newt gingrich. two leads candidates scheduled to be here at the same time. by the time gingrich arrived romney was gone. we caught up with gingrich inside. >> what happened? >> i thought he was going to stay. >> well, i think he had to go to debate -- >> it is debates that have helped turn things around in south carolina for gingrich. two of them in week, he received standing ovations by attacking the debate moderators, romney, on the other hand, found himself heckled for evasive answers on releasing his tax return. >> i'm look at what our documents -- >> reporter: and then there were the attack ads. >> romney once bragged he's even more liberal than ted kennedy on social issues. why would be vote for someone just like obama? >> reporter: south carolina is the first state where many of
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the harshest ads targeted romney. today romney went on the offensive. calling on gingrich to release documents on the work for the failed mortgage company freddie mac. >> let's see what report he proceeded for fannie mae and ready mack. let's have him describe his relationships in washington. >> reporter: rick santorum was belatedly named the winner of iowa caucuses after a recount and polls show him locked in third place with ron paul. back at the ham house, we caught up with newt gingrich who likes to avoid the spotlight. >> ready for a big day? >> you might win here, huh? >> we think. >> reporter: whatever happens here in south carolina, look for the romney campaign to attempt as knockout blow on gingrich in florida which votes next. they'll go after his record in congress, go after his record after congress and, david,
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they've got one big advantage going into the next primary contest. that is money. the promny campaign has a lot more than gingrich. >> jon karl, stay right there, we'll come to you as soon as we have a winner tonight. in the meantime i want to bring in amy walter, matt dowd, political analyst. we were crunching numbers when we came on the air. what i found most interesting, over half deciding in the last few days as heading to the polls what does this tell you? >> of those people, you know many of them were also using debates as the reason for picking a candidate. one candidate over the other. and we know that these debates have been so, so, as you pointed out. hot, hot button issues have come up. newt bring rich used in many debates, they were like oxygen for him. they've helped sustain him and give him that fire that he needs. and he turned his biggest liability, which was these remarks that came out by his
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ex-wife, he turned those into an asset. >> into a positive. absolutely. >> you mentioned the gingrich performance there's the romney performance in this debate. >> that's interesting. what we've seen, starting in iowa. late deciders changed the race in iowa, and new ham shiernd may change it in south carolina. momentum has been key. anybody that gets that momentum and gets it behind their back has a tendency to do really well. newt gingrich had momentum last week. double digits behind last week. he now has momentum going into it today. it's going to be an amazing situation. what this could say, many thought mitt romney would go three for three. he won iowa. he was going to come in and win south carolina. we may come out for the first time ever where three different candidates win this thing. if that happened, this race is wide open. >> a brand-new race. perhaps. stay tuned right here. diane will join us when we can announce a winner.
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crunch the numbers and let me know what you find. >> ted: and tomorrow "this week" with george stephanopoulos. meantime the voter ds say something else in south carolina, rough weather getting to the poll, heavy rain and thunderstorms cutting a path across if the middle of the state and tornado watch in some parts and tonight the big snowstorm is the story across the northeast. three weeks in january, late start but winter is no doubt here. for that story tonight, t.j. winick. >> reporter: three straight months without snow looked like a possibility for the northeast until today's reality check. >> usually by now it's at least two, three different storms. >> do you forget how to use this? it's been a while. >> no. >> reporter: the quick-moving storm is now history but in its wake, the first significant snowfall since that p pre-halloween shocker that knocked out power to three homes and businesses.
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totals amounted to 9 inches in illinois to 8 inches in connecticut to over 4 in new york city. at chicago's two airports, airlines struggled to get stranded passengers rebooked after 800 flights were canceled. >> i've been here all day. >> reporter: the most noticeable late arrival. winter itself. right now the jet stream is where you expect it to be. but up until a week ago it was much further north all of the way in canada. resulting in the mild temperatures we've seen so far this winter. if the snowstorm was welcome anywhere it was here in northern new jersey. >> i heard snow coming i was very excited. >> reporter: this is exactly what skiers have been waiting for all winter. >> they've been sitting in the house with 50 degree weather. it hasn't been good for them. now they can play with toys they got for christmas. >> reporter: if you're headed on the roads you want to be careful. temperatures on the rise, forecasters expect wet ground to
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freeze again overnight. david. >> thanks very much. this storm has been a storm of extremes. in a moment the next system already brewing. first, the pictures from coast to coast because of this system and the science behind it. here's meteorologist ginger zee now. >> whipped by ice, wind and rain. winter devoured the pacific northwest in the worst storm than the quantitier century and it's still unleashing a fury of extreme weather and conditions. that rare snowstorm that pummeled seattle this week is only the beginning. freezing lane on the snow-laden branches and power lines and you get scenes like this. those bright lights illuminates the pre-dawn sky are transformers exploding after power lines whipped by strong winds. at least 200,000 are still without power in washington state. and it won't be easy getting the lights back on with new storms on the way.
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raging winds battered the coast, burghrying hopes in sand. and portland, a dill huge, up to 15 inches of rain fell in two days swallowing homes and leaving roads impassable. >> ginger zee joins us at the desk. you talk about snow, flooding and another system tonight that heads into that region again. >> pacific northwest had a brief break today. tomorrow it happens again. 40-mile-per-hour winds, we have an avalanche threat. and certainly the winds plus the rain. everything is already waterlogged, branches, all of the trees ready to fall will make it very easy to do so tomorrow. >> what is worse there's another system in the pipeline. >> a parade of storms continue for the pacific northwest after tomorrow. >> southeast, you heard me say making it a mess for voters. that's something we're watching. >> never something you want to see when people going out to
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vote. tonight, we have severe weather threat. hail, damage pg winds. >> all right. ginger we'll watch you tomorrow morning on "gma" for all of this. in the meantime in reno, nevada, rain helped crews contain a fierce wildfire. an elderly man admitted it when he tossed out fireplace ashes. 10,000 people were forced to flee their homes. the reno fire follows that other devastating christmas day fire in connecticut, three sisters and their grandparents, in that fire touched off by hot embers. tonight fire officials are telling us to discard fireplace ashes in a metal container and soak those embers in water. in the meantime we turn yeo seas to the grim task of searching for more bodice off the coast of italy. today the divers uncovered another victim. new information emerging about the captain's actions that
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night. lama hasan is on the scene this morning. >> reporter: this morning the navy blasted open more holes in the carcass of "costa concordia" so underwater divers could search areas they couldn't reach before. they uncovered a body of a woman wearing her life jacket in a narrow corridor of the ship. she was submerged for eight dies. dna test only way to identify her. in the waters a somber reminder of 20 people still missing among them retired couple barbara and jerald heil of minnesota. the work of these divers is crucial but painstaking. it's difficult to see, so robots were lowered into the water to help them but fears that the ship may move made the work extremely dangerous. it was one week ago when the ship ran aground off the coast
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of tuscany with captain schettino. he was deemed a coward for leaving the ship before all of the passengers were evacuated. italian tv raising more questions what happened that night and when the captain left the ship. schettino hold coast guard officials there were more or less 200 to 300 still on board. of the east guard asked is everyone going abandon the ship or someone going to stay? >> i'm going to say, schettino said. new individual dwroe was acquired today, should help investigators to understand what happened on the night of the crash and what captain schettino was doing. >> and staying overseas. nigeria is warning employees to warn against traveling after 143 people were killed in
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coordinated bomb and gunfire attacks. it's the latest in the campaign of terror, by groups looking to expose islamic law. and embattled president of yemen has been clinging to power after 33 years is a step closer to coming to america tonight. many officials say the outgoing president will leave for yemen soon. he was wounded in an assasination attempt last june. new images from space. as they soared above stormy africa. lightning strikes and lights you see off the distance. that's the milky way. a view of 200 miles up on a saturday night. still ahead this saturday. great escape, how a 9-year-old stood up to her kidnapper in the moments her mother learned she was free. controversial math home work about slaves and what now
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in the end the case was cracked by the little girl herself. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: for a mother who feared the worse the sound of salvation. >> she was found safe. they're canceling the amber alert. >> reporter: 18 hours of terror, melted away in a flood of embraces. >> yes, yes! oh, yes! >> reporter: and bottomless gratitude. >> thanks for the media. thank you for everybody who watched, who kept an eye out for my daughter and brought her only. >> reporter: 9-year-old calista had vanished after school thursday in pueblo, colorado. by that name an amber alert was issued, police scoured the area. the unlikely hero, the victim herself. >> she had two black eyes and bruised lip, and bruise on her cheek. she was scared. she was in shock. >> reporter: after being held overnight, by her kidnapper, this man, jose garcia. little calista made her daring
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escape. they were driving in this pickup. it broke down, garcia with calista in tow hitchhiked. she marched ahead into the store asking the clerk for the phone. quickly she dealt 911. >> she looked at me. in my eyes and said i ain't going nowhere. i'm waiting for my momma. i looked at the guy. he looked at me and spun around and high-tailed it out of there. >> reporter: police caught up with garcia who was suspected of attacking another young girl. . we had a brave young lady who did things to save her own life. >> reporter: calista is now home with her family. >> she's my angel, heart and soul. >> reporter: matt gutman abc you ins miami. >> when we come back we'll report on the controversial home work math problem about slaves picking oranges and being beaten. what the teacher is saying about that assignment.
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especially if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all medicines you take, any planned medical or dental procedures, and don't stop taking pradaxa without your doctor's approval, as stopping may increase your stroke risk. other side effects include indigestion, stomach pain, upset, or burning. pradaxa is progress. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if you can reduce your risk of stroke with pradaxa. we have a follow uphere to a story we reported an "world news" the outrage after third graders were given math problems about slavery and beatings. now the teacher two wrote the problems resigned issuing a
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statement saying, quote, i brought shame to my family and school and for that i cannot apologize enough. a teenager from the netherlands is now a youngest person to sail around the world alone. laura decker returned after a journey of a year and one day. he braved storms, the threat of pirates and loneliness and turned 16 years old during the voyage. guinness no longer recognizes this record because they want to encourage young people from taking such risks. we celebrated her arrival at st. martin tonight. we also learned nba superstar and his wife are dividing their assets. of the "l.a. times" is reporting the title to three mansions that they own in california worth $19 million has been transferred to the wife's name, because the couple did not have a pre nuptial agreement she'll end up with half of kobe bryant's net worth, $75 million. when you come back, how much
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but i wanted more support for my heart. i found centrum specialist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible. and finally tonight we know it's hard to put a price on history but this evening there's
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three pieces of americana up for sale including the arsenal left behind from the famous duo, bonnie and clyde. >> they are the storied outlaws from the 1930s. bonnie and clyde brought back to life by warren beatty and faye dunn naw dunnway. these are the guns from the hideout for years owned by the great grandchildren of a police detective who got them after the raid. for the last years stored in a springfield police museum. now selling for more than $200,000, a heavy price tag. bonnie and clyde dying in that shootout in louisiana in 1934 leaving that car behind for good. >> the president of the united states and his wife. >> reporter: but there's another car, the iconic white hurse that carried them from dallas field in air force one.
6:28 pm
that hurse has been put up for auction. the 1946 cadillac sits empty. front seat looks nearly untouched. 47,000 miles on the engine and the 3 miles watched by the nation. and final piece carrying the high heft price tag the breathtaking birds, 19th century masterpiece, "birds of america" by john james autobahn. the set more than 3 feet high and spectacular birds inside. columbia jay, the carolina parrot, the common american swan, now taking flight again and becoming one have the most valuable books of the world. >> american history on the auction block. that's "world news" for this saturday. diane sawyer and political team standing by in the wings. we'll break in with a winner when it comes tonight.
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